Wednesday, March 09, 2005

that old movie

Back in '95, shortly after I moved from San Luis Obispo, I went with my friend Marc to see this controversial little Independant flick called Kids, featuring both a very young Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson (and Leo Fitzpatrick, whom I've only seen in Bully and Storytelling since).

When I first saw this movie it really disturbed me. It also struck so close to home that I immediately went out and got my first STD & HIV test the next morning. A couple years later I rented see her squirt with Denise so she could see it, and still found it pretty disturbing.

Last month I sawe it on sale at Best Buy so I snagged it up and kept it wrapped on the shelf so no kids would see it--finally opening and rewatching it again last night. Have I grown so used to people being incredibly stupid and careless with their bodies that I'm desensitized to the whole thing? I'm bothered that I was ever dumb enough to sleep around like some of those kids without protecting myself, and happy that I'm not that dumb now. The movie didn't disturb me or make me cringe the way it used to. In fact, I fell asleep somewhere between Sevigny's drug use at the club and her date rape at the party.

I watched it wondering if it would be good to have the teens watch it--as a cautionary tale--and realized it might do the reverse and encourage them to be promiscuous, lying, drugging thugs.

Is it time for Kids to find a home in my closet with all the adult stuff?